Whether your household is budget-conscious or high-energy, laminate flooring offers a practical, price-friendly alternative to costlier hardwoods that may not hold up as well under the non-stop traffic of busy little feet. Laminates are also inherently green, using up fewer natural resources and far less wood in their manufacture.

Best of all, today’s laminate flooring looks and feels exactly like the real thing, with a range of options that duplicates hardwood species, grains and coloring. And because they’re durable—some styles even offer 25-year warranties—you won’t have to replace laminate floors as often.

Let FLOORMAX’s laminate experts help you design a distinctive look that’s beautifully affordable and affordably beautiful. A look that will leave you asking, “Is it laminate… or is it hardwood?”

The Finer Points of Laminate Installation

Just as with hardwoods, proper installation is critical to the beauty and durability of your laminate floor. Once you’ve selected your new floor, your FLOORMAX installer is with you from start to finish.

Here’s the procedure our installation professionals follow:

  • Current flooring: Laminate can be installed directly over some existing floors, but others will have to be removed first. Your FLOORMAX installer will know the proper procedure, as well as how to make the floor level and smooth.
  • Moisture testing: Your installer will check for moisture in the subfloor to prevent problems with buckling or cupping as temperatures change in the future.
  • Installation: Using the appropriate tools, the installer will cut and place the planks or tiles, maintaining a gap around the floor’s perimeter to allow for expansion.
  • Room shape: Our professionals know how to handle any challenges caused by room irregularities and unusual or tight spaces caused by cabinetry or a kitchen island.

With our many years of experience installing laminate flooring, we offer not only expertise but peace of mind—you know the job will be done right the first time. Before any project begins, your FLOORMAX installer will evaluate the space and offer additional recommendations to ensure a stress-free, hassle-free experience.

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