While the elegant look of natural wood, tile or stone floors has universal appeal, the price tag isn’t for everybody. Yet vinyl reproductions, while less expensive, have historically been easy to spot and not nearly as attractive.

That is, until technology caught up with aesthetics.

High-tech luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and resilient sheet flooring have evolved into sophisticated products that high-end clients are consistently choosing over wood and tile. Foster Owen, interior designer with Clifton Carpets in Dallas, Texas, has watched this trend evolve. “The look of these floors has progressed so much with technology,” he says. “People think they are walking on wood.” One significant change is that these products no longer have the “too perfect” look that has long been a dead giveaway. Today’s higher-end LVT effectively mimics distressed and antique floors, with longer planks placed irregularly to enhance the authentic feel.

Take a look at FLOORMAX’s selection of laminate flooring and you’ll agree. With realistic patterns, textures and a host of style and color choices, laminate flooring is a smart, budget-friendly choice for active households.

The Finer Points of Vinyl Installation

Proper installation of your vinyl flooring is just as vital as the cutting-edge technology used to manufacture it. Once you’ve selected your new floor, your FLOORMAX installer is with you from start to finish.

Here’s the procedure our installation professionals follow:

  • Current flooring: Your FLOORMAX installer will start with a flat surface, which may require extensive prep work—such as removing the existing floor or installing a new subfloor on top of an existing floor. Sometimes, however, resilient-vinyl flooring can be installed directly on top of what you already have. Your installer will recommend the best way to proceed before getting started.
  • Moisture testing: Resilient-vinyl flooring is less sensitive to moisture than hardwood, but the existing subfloor will still need to be tested so that moisture-related problems can be avoided in the future.
  • Installation method: In floating floors, as the name suggests, planks are attached to each other, not to the subfloor. Glue-down floors require greater installation skill due to the exacting process of adhesive application. FLOORMAX installers are experts in both.
  • Room shape: The configuration of a room can be a challenge, requiring precise measurement, cutting and placement of flooring—one more reason that proper installation by a FLOORMAX professional will guarantee high-quality results.

With our many years of experience installing vinyl and resilient sheet flooring, we offer not only expertise but peace of mind—you know the job will be done right the first time. Before any project begins, your FLOORMAX installer will evaluate the space and offer additional recommendations to ensure a stress-free, hassle-free experience.

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